*Schedule is tentative and subject to change

Indicates change in original schedule.

Rules of the Tournament 

-Players can play on more than one team provided the teams involved are in different


divisions & sessions and they meet the requirements for that division.  (Exceptions 


may be made in certain situations (ex: injury, etc.)


 Scoring:


- 3rd – 6th grade games will be played to 15 points win by 2 with a 17 point cap 


or 20 minutes running time or at the end of any overtime, with a maximum of 


3 overtimes.  If the game is tied at the end of 3 overtimes, 1 player from each 


team will be selected to shoot a free-throw to determine the winning team. 


(i.e.:  Player 1 of Team A vs. Player 1 of Team B will shoot one free-throw.  If 


no determining shot, Player 2 of Team A vs Player 2 of Team B will continue 


with one free-throw, etc. until winner is established.)  The clock will stop the 


last 2 minutes of the game on dead balls if the game is within 5 points.


- 7th grade through adult games will be played to 21 points win by 2 with a 23 


point cap or 20 minutes running time.  The clock will stop the last 2 minutes 


of the game on dead balls if the game is within 5 points.


- Overtime: If the game ends in a tie after regulation time there will be 1 minute 


overtime until one team wins (cap rule is in effect. Example: Regulation time 


runs out and score is tied at 22, this would mean next basket wins).  All end of 


regulation time rules apply for overtime.  No game ends by sudden death.


 Scoring -   1 point for a basket inside the 3 point line


             -   2 points for a basket behind the 3 point line


 -   1 point for a free throw


 (1) One minute time out (Time will stop) per game.


 Possession to start the game or any over time will be a coin toss.


 Games will start at scheduled time.  No grace period.  A team must have 2 players to 


start a game, the 3rd player may enter game on a dead ball or after a made basket.


 Defense gets all jump balls.


 Substitutions can be made after made baskets and on dead balls.


 Any roster change needs to be approved by Chazaq Committee prior to play.


 The ball must be checked from the check zone after all made baskets and on all dead 




- The “check zone” is the area at the top of the key (lane lines extended) behind 


- Defense on the ball during a “check” must stay inside the 3 point 


the 3 point line.  On a checked ball, the ball must be passed by the person who 


checked it. (He/she may not dribble or shoot the ball until a team mate has had 




line…however; the defense on the other two players may defend past the 3 


point line.


 The ball must be “taken back” behind the 3 point line on each and every change of 


possession.  A violation will occur only if a basket is made by the team failing to 


properly “take it back” and will result in loss of that point scored and possession will 


go to the other team.  “Taking it Back” means both feet and the ball must go behind 


the 3 point line.


 “Courtakers” will referee all games.  Adult divisions may choose to officiate their 




 Fouls - Prior to game, adults can agree to check ball instead of shooting free-throws.


- Non shooting fouls 1-6 = Keep possession/check ball


- Non shooting fouls 7 and up and all shooting fouls = one free throw


 If the free throw is made it will be a change of possession. 


  If it is missed, team shooting will retain possession and check ball.


 3-point shot:  


 If a player is fouled while in the act of shooting a 3-pointer, 


player will get 2 free-throws.


 If player makes at least one of the free-throws, a change of 


possession will occur.


 If player misses both free throws they keep possession, unless 


the game is in the last 2 minutes.


- An offensive foul results in loss of possession. 


- An offensive foul with a made basket results in the loss of the made basket 


- Players have 5 seconds to shoot a free throw.


- Intentional fouls and technical fouls will result in 2 points and the ball.


 Shooting Foul is one free throw


- If basket was made (and-one):  


- If basket was missed:


and loss of possession.


 Made or Missed free throw is change of possession.


 Made free throw is change of possession


 Missed free throw, team keeps the ball


 During the last two minutes of the game, all missed free throws will 


result in a change of possession.


 No Swearing, taunting or other inappropriate behavior.  Unsportsmanlike play can 


result in A) technical foul and /or B) ejection from the game and/or the tournament.


 Medals to be awarded to 1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place and Consolation Champs.